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Welcome to Best Hacks and Online Resources page. Over the years we continue to compile a list of the latest and most innovative tools and resources. Putting into practice what you learn here will be well worth your time. We have saved literally hundreds of thousands of dollars by using these tactics and applying Lean CMO Strategy to our business and with all of our clients. I hope you find value with all of the resources we’ve provided here.

Outsourcing Professionals Just about anything you can imagine, done for $5. Of course there are many upsell options, but you can have logos done, landing pages and web design created, voice over work, animated video logos, etc. The list of what can be done here, by fantastic creative talent is really unbelievable.

This site has professionals from many different fields who you can subcontract their work on a project basis.
I even found a really experienced Trademark attorney who lives in Chicago, on Similar to UpWork. Another UpWork-type option Virtual Assistant Full Service Team Virtual Assistant Full Service Team Virtual Assistant Full Service Team

Video Production & CGI Animation:

Oz Rao
My main video editor.  $500 for a 5 minute, very high-end video product.  Oz is amazing.
DIY software to help you create explainer style animation videos to visually express your business or product.
Completely done for you, HypnoVid charges $199 for 1 minute “Explainer” white-board style video.
It is $99 extra for them to write your script and $99 more for them to provide the Voice Over work.
Total price of $499 for a one-minute video is really fantastic.  You would pay about $10k-20k to anyone else.
Great source to find a developer to put together a nice informational video for your company.
Great source to find a freelance video developer, After Effects editing pro, etc.

Automation Software:

Run THOUSANDS of variations of your Facebook ads simultaneously.
Finds the best converting ad.

$49/mo for similar features to InfusionSoft.
Great value for a low price.

100% Done-For-You Email Automation Software
Enterprise grade software with a team of experts to build all your automation and nurture sequences
This service is AMAZING!

Schedule a free consult to find out if we can build the best platform for your company

Graphic Design Work (Logos, Artwork, Etc) ($300 min order)
I like this one the best for their privacy features & NDA with artists.Crowd Sourcing, where multiple graphic designers from around the world, submit fiinished work, to compete to win your bid. For example, I bid $500 for a logo design and I had over 100 graphic designers submit finished work. It then allowed me to send out my top 10 picks to friends to vote on the best one and leave comments, which helped me greatly in making my final decision.

probably the most popular crowd sourcing site currently
A new site that also looks good.
Just about anything you can dream of for $5 per gig.


This is a great webinar put on by Guy Kawasaki and HubSpot about posting to multiple sites and what to post and how to find that content. allows you to collect and post curated content to your account or integrate your feed to your WordPress blog. You can create any subject to re-post relevant news for your target audience.

Allows you to simultaneously to all of my social sites


Alternatively to what Kawasaki suggests,
I use: & for posting curated content and news, simultaneously, to all of my social sites.

Feedly is a great news aggregator and RSS feed that allows you to collect news by topics and keywords.
A great site for aggregating all of your social feeds to read them all in one place.

Calendar Scheduling Software:
Hubspot CRM Sales Pro – Meetings
Microsoft Bookings
Stop the run-around of asking when people can meet.
Simply send them a link that checks your available time and books the appointment.
Automatic reminders before meeting sent to all parties.
HUGE time saver

Business Cards & Promotional Flyers:

100 high-quality, 2-sided Business Cards in full color for ONLY $10

10,000 high-quality glossy 8.5”x11” flyers for our trade show for ONLY $448 (min order is 250)

Screen Capture Software

Camtasia – $200 one-time fee per major version
Excellent screen recording software.

Jing (free)
Amazing free tool to create screen snaps with comments and also fantastic for screen recording short instructions to send to someone. It even includes a free cloud repository and link to send the clips. HIGHLY recommended.

Promotional Items Manufacturing
This is an global supply-sourcing site where you can find suppliers for just about anything.
T-shirts, Shopping Bags, Baseball Hats, Souvenirs-Wearables-&-Gifts ‘SWAG’, etc

Virtual Cloud Space & Team Collaboration

Google Drive (I use this one)
This service is really good for hard drive back-up and syncing with your PC.
You can access your files from your mobile phone or any other computer.
$9/mo for 1 TB of data storage.

OneDrive – by Microsoft (free storage space included) for Mac users

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